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Simply download the app, sign in with your credentials or register as a new user.

Please Select One Of The Topics Below:

Open the app and click register. If you already have an account on simply click sign in to get started.

Register (no rewards) 1
Enter a valid email address.
Register (no rewards) 2
Complete your personal information and remember to enter your 12 digit Club Card number.
Register (no rewards) 3
Select your preferred store location. Click done to start saving!
Register (no rewards) 4

Simply type the item you want to add into the box to start searching. You can also use the barcode scanner on the right.

Add to Shopping List 1
Click + to add the item in the search results to your shopping list. Click “Done” to exit this screen.
Add to Shopping List 3
To view the items you’ve added to your shopping list, click the ‘Shopping List’ button on the home screen.
Add to Shopping List 4
Press the menu button on the top right corner.
Search Items 1
Type a keyword or use the product bar code scanner to the left. The bar code scanner requires camera access.
Search Items 2
Your search results can be organized by aisle or category and filtered by deals. Click + to add a product to your list, or click the item to view product details.
Search Items 3

Press the menu button on the top right.

Connect with Friends 1

Select friends.

Connect with Friends 2

Click connect with friends. To proceed you will need to permit access to your address book.

Connect with Friends 3

Click “OK” to allow the app to access your contacts

Connect with Friends 3

Click into the search box, look up your contacts via email and extend an invite to download the app

Connect With Friends 5

View your pending invites, see any friend requests sent to you by your friends or view any connected friends. You can also connect with friends who are already on the app

Connect With Friends 6
Select the ‘Shopping List’ icon on the home screen.
Share List 1
Open the menu at the top of the shopping list.
Share List 2
Select “Share” to share your list. You can also save, delete checked items or the entire list.
Share List 3

Follow the steps on the screen to connect to your friends. If your friends are already connected, simply select the contacts you want to share it with.

Share List 4
Press the menu button on the top right.
Digital Coupons 1
Click Digital Coupons.
Digital Coupons 2
Click on a category to browse.
Click a coupon to view details or to clip it.
Digital Coupons 3

Clip the coupon to add it to your Club Card.

Click confirm sale item to scan the UPC of the product and check the item is valid for this coupon. Please enable access to your camera.

Digital Coupons 4

Open the drawer menu via the button on the top right and click Clipped.


Select Clipped to view your clipped coupons, or select Redeemed to view coupons you have already redeemed in store.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I want to update my profile. Where can I do that?

To update your profile, please go to the menu and select “My Profile.” Do not forget to save your changes.

What are Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons are offers that load directly to your Foodtown Club Card. Simply clip the coupons for the items you would like to purchase. Once clipped, all you need to do is purchase the items and identify yourself at checkout to redeem the coupon and receive the discount.

What is required to load and redeem Digital Coupons?

To clip Digital Coupons, please make sure you have entered your Foodtown Club Card in the My Profile section of the app, accessible via the drawer menu. If you do not have a Club Card, please visit the customer service counter of your local Foodtown. Click here to find a store near you.

How many Digital Coupons can I load to my Club Card?

A limit of 150 coupons per household can be loaded at one time.

What happens to Digital Coupons on my account once they have been redeemed?

Once a coupon has been redeemed, it will no longer be visible on the Digital Coupons or My Coupons page. This also applies for digital coupons that have expired.

A Digital Coupon would not redeem at checkout. What do I do?

Occasionally this may happen for a variety of reasons. If you notice this while you are at the register, please ask the cashier for assistance or contact us. Please provide the 12 digit Club Card number being used, the UPC of the product and amount that was purchased.

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, please go to the menu and select “My Profile.” Do not forget to save your changes.

What is your Digital Coupon Policy?

Simply click here to view our Coupon Policy. You can also find it further down on this page.

How do Digital Coupons work?

1.    Sign in or Register to get started
2.    Browse our selection of Digital Coupons
3.    Clip the Coupons
4.    Redeem your Digital Coupons when you present your Club Card at checkout

How long are coupons available?

Coupon start and end dates vary based on the offer. Each coupon shows the corresponding expiration date.

What do I do if my store does not carry the product for which I have a Digital Coupon?

Product availability varies by location and a product being in-stock cannot be guaranteed.

Having other trouble?

In the drawer menu of the app, go to the Feedback section and let us know how we can help you.

Foodtown Digital Coupon Policy

In order to participate in our Digital Coupon program, customers must have a registered online account with an active, 12 digit Foodtown Club Card.

Digital coupons are deducted from a customer’s total purchase prior to paper coupons or any other promotional discounts. Coupons cannot be added or removed once the Club Card has been scanned.

  • Limit one (1) use per digital coupon per customer transaction.
  • Digital coupons cannot be combined with paper manufacturer’s coupons on the purchase of a single item.
  • Digital coupons cannot be doubled.
  • A limit of 150 coupons can be loaded per Club Card at any time.
  • Digital reproductions of offers will not be accepted (such as using the mobile app to reproduce an image of an offer/coupon, without clipping it to a Club Card).

The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of any digital coupon or offer.

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